Irving Township

Irving Township

The Story

November 12, 2012

Irving Township located in Barry County, MI partnered with Pixelvine to create an informative website for the community. The council wanted to update the information themselves.  Pixelvine gave them the tools to do just that.  They are able to publicly share their meeting minutes, upcoming election information, township agendas, township cemetery information, public safety info, parks and recreation and more!  Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and give the community tools and information they need!  Thanks, Irving Township!

Being a government entity, Pixelvine worked very diligently with our board and came to several of our meetings to present different options and services. When the site was established, Pixelvine worked very hard to make sure that all our needs were met. When changes needed to be made or questions were to be answered, Pixelvine employees were very fast to respond. We truly enjoyed working with Pixelvine on establishing a logo and website for our township!

Jamie Knight, Township Supervisor