Making videos – promo videos, product videos, storytelling videos, etc- used to be very expensive.

The planning process was long and intensive, and each stage of the production had to follow specific rules. The actual production itself required lots of manpower and equipment, and when all was said and done, just getting a short, GOOD video cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

But we decided it didn’t have to be that way.

We didn’t think it had to be this hard for a business owner/executive/manager to get a video, and not only that, but a good video. Because a bad video is worse than no video. For a video to be effective, it must be well done. Think about it, the viewer can literally press stop anytime and move on – and they will unless your video is compelling and looks fantastic. There is no better way to communicate to your audience or customer base, and we believe this medium should be accessible to everyone. So we’ve redefined what it means to make a video. We’ve learned to be flexible, make important decisions on the fly – even during a video shoot – and produce quality, compelling videos with minimized production expenses. This allows us to churn out great videos about nearly anything, for anyone.

  • Video planning and conception
  • Multi-camera production
  • Full editing suite
  • Motion graphics
  • Aerial drone video production

Want a video of your own?

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