Email Marketing

Why should you consider Email Marketing?

For starters, Email Marketing is a vibrant, powerful tool to attract new customers and keep you connected with existing customers in an easy, effective and inexpensive way. Email Marketing allows business owners to reach a large number of people for pennies per message. Email is transactional by nature and with calls-to-action in place, you can drive traffic to your website, social media and your telephone which ultimately increase your sales. For business owners with a smaller marketing budget, Email Marketing is a far more cost effective way of reaching your target customers than the old traditional marketing channels like newspapers, TV, radio and direct mail.


Why should you hire Pixelvine for your Email Marketing?

Honestly, you don’t need to. You can create Email Marketing Campaigns all on your own. But is your time better spent running your business or learning how to use another software program? We have the years of campaign creating experience, the years of reviewing the analytics to know what works and what doesn’t work in an Email Marketing Campaign and we have the design tools and skillset to create attention-grabbing Emails that engage and entice potential customers to click on through. Sounds easier, more efficient and cost effective, doesn’t it?

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