Facebook Advertising

Does your business have a Facebook page?

If not, your business needs one now. Why? Because that is exactly where all of your future customers are hanging out. The average American spends 40 minutes just on the Facebook social media platform alone every single day Liking and sharing content. If your business isn’t on Facebook, you are missing out on opportunities for future customers and future sales.


Why use Facebook Ads over old traditional advertising methods?

With 1.49 billion Facebook members worldwide, and 22 billion ad clicks per year, Facebook is providing businesses with the largest advertising opportunity since the Search Bar. There are so many reasons why Facebook Ads are the best use of your online advertising dollars.

#1 – Your potential customers are on Facebook every day

#2 – Facebook Ads are very inexpensive and very effective

#3 – The targeting capabilities are outstanding


For very little investment, we can create a Facebook Ad for your business that targets your audience by age, gender, and location. There isn’t another marketing tool that can zero into the demographic options like a Facebook Ad. It’s pretty impressive and our customers have seen some pretty impressive results from the Facebook Ads we create for them.

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