SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing web pages and their content to be easily discoverable by users searching for terms relevant to your website. The term SEO also describes the process of making web pages easier for search engine indexing software, known as "crawlers", to find, scan and index your website.

Why Do You Need SEO?

Search Engines use complex calculations called algorithms to rank sites in searches. These algorithms are constantly changing. This means your website needs constant attention or you could lose its visibility and rankings. Most searchers do not look beyond the first page of rankings. Our SEO services help the search engines know that your website is relevant and exactly what people are searching for.

How It Works

The Pixelvine SEO program is the new baseline for website performance and feedback. Each program is configured to cover a wide variety of budgets. Our “analyze, evaluate, calibrate” approach ensures a repeatable on-going SEO process.



The Vital is our base package which is necessary for any website to stay relevant, current and returned in searches. It includes website backups, security patches, system updates, and a basic SEO package. A Pixelvine team member will also review your Google Analytics report each month and make any adjustments needed to your SEO.


As search engine algorithms change, it’s important to add SEO to every asset on your website to secure as well as improve your ranking. When choosing The Workhorse, you receive everything in the The Vital plus an upgrade to the PRO SEO package. This is a game changer. Have you ever wondered how you rank against your competitors? Wonder no more! You will receive monthly reports sent to your inbox which include your Keyword Ranking and Competitor Comparison.


We use a powerful tool that analyzes your website against 40 current search engine algorithms to ensure optimal performance. The Powerhouse is just that! You get everything included in The Workhors plus we run this 40 points of review on your website every month and make necessary updates to any aspect of your website that is falling out of alignment with current search engine algorithms. You also receive additional monthly performance reporting on the major Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Mailchimp.


This is for our large, enterprise companies who are serious about growing their internet presence and taking their website to all new levels. It includes everything in The Powerhouse plus exciting Heat Mapping technology. This allows us to see where site visitors are clicking within key areas on your website. We couple this with Session Recording which allows us to analyze and see actual site visitor mouse control and clicks on your website. Together, these two powerful tools help us build the website your customers are searching to do business with quickly and efficiently. You will receive a monthly review and recommendations report in your email inbox from our founder Sean. This package also includes a Personal SEO Dashboard to login and look at your analytics in real time, anytime.